Angelo's Ashes - or - To Live and Die in L.A.

Angelo's Ashes - or - To Live and Die in L.A.

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Author/Contributor(s): Fischer, Marc
Publisher: Public Collectors
Date: 2022
Binding: Staple-bound booklet. 20p.
Condition: NEW

Public Collectors booklet #67, for those who have been counting. The interior text, which is alternately irreverent, painful, funny, and angry, is probably better experienced as a surprise so this listing is deliberately short on scans. From the back cover:

ANGELO’S ASHES -OR- TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A. tells the story of how I handled the end of life arrangements for my friend Angelo. This booklet consists of a series of Facebook posts that I made in the months following Angelo’s death. I learned of his death from his landlord who had my phone number because I was Angelo’s emergency contact. Angelo did not leave a will and had no next of kin. 

I live in Chicago and Angelo died in Los Angeles. The bureaucracy of dealing with his death was intense and social media provided a place to vent as well as collect advice from friends. I did not want Angelo to receive an anonymous burial in a mass grave so I had to file an Ex Parte Petition to claim his body, have him cremated, and obtain a death certificate.

I knew Angelo for roughly 25 years. He collaborated with the group I’m part of, Temporary Services, on the project and book Prisoners’ Inventions. I was his closest and primary friend. For most of the time I knew Angelo, he was incarcerated. Two years before his death, Angelo was released from prison, in part because of my advocacy and promise to the state that I could care for him. Our friendship, until after his release when we finally met in person, was based solely on postal correspondence and a couple phone calls.

Angelo worked for the post office and dealt with prison administrators for years. He was no stranger to tedious procedures. I think he would have enjoyed this booklet. I hope my writing makes things easier for anyone else who might find themselves in a similar situation. 

 — Marc Fischer

 This publication is preceded by seven similarly-designed Public Collectors booklets that feature texts from internet sources. Those publications are: OH MANDY (2021), MOM UPDATES (2020), GRAVE PLOTS (2019), SOLD AS BLANK / POSSIBLE LOST MEDIA (2019), STRETCH IS STILL SOFT (2018), 54 HITS FROM HELL by Blake Edwards (2018), and MATALICA TICKETS (2017).