We set up the Massive Bookshop to support mutual aid and organizing efforts where we and our customers live. By keeping our overhead low, we aim to supply you with books without taking out loans, signing lease agreements, or doing a lot of work. Any profits we generate go to individuals and groups who actually do a lot of work but don't get paid for it.

As the business has grown our friendships have as well, and we now support a variety of projects in western Mass. and beyond with profits from our book sales. You can see the contributions that we've made so far (both cash and books) in the table below. Because it's your money we're using, it's fair to say that these are really your contributions, not ours. The business is just a medium that makes it possible to redistribute some wealth while at the same time providing an alternative to for-profit booksellers.

The projects we support tend to have one thing in common: they're not only building community in these desperate times, but also typically working outside the grant- and government-funded channels of the conventional non-profit industry.

If you're a group or individual doing this kind of work where you live and you have an idea for how the Massive Bookshop might support you, please let us know. We are always happy to make new Friends.