The Massive Bookshop is an anti-profit bookstore based in western Massachusetts. Our aim is to use the bookstore as a means to direct money and resources to OUR FRIENDS. We are committed to using the revenue we generate to support community projects and organizing efforts where we and our customers live.

To make this work and to make it sustainable, we have to keep our overhead very low. We don't pay rent, we don't take out loans, and we don't have employees. No one working in the Massive Bookshop keeps any money for themselves. Like you, we have day jobs that pay our bills.

If you'd like to order a book, please do! In addition to local deliveries, which we make ourselves once per week (usually on Wednesdays), we can also ship books directly to your door. If we don't have what you're looking for, let us order it for you through the MASSIVE BOOK HOOK-UP. Most orders placed through the Book Hook-Up will ship in 2-5 business days. If you're local, they're eligible for local delivery, too.

The Massive Bookshop is a business but it's also a medium to redistribute some wealth, and, we hope, a viable alternative to for-profit booksellers for those interested in imagining alternatives to capitalism.

We hope you find this fun, because we certainly do.

Because we don't pay rent, we have no storefront; but you can reach us via snail mail at our P.O. Box:

442 Main St. #1041
Greenfield, MA 01302

Or via email at:


 ps. The MASSIVE LOGO was designed by artist, musician, artisanal t-shirt king, and friend of the bookshop, E*Rock. Thanks, E*Rock!