The ANTI-PRIME book service.

Looking for something and can't find it on our site? Let us hook you up!

Submit the form below to tell us the book (or books) you want. When you submit the form, be sure to include either an ISBN or both Title and Author for each book. Also let us know if you're local so we can plan accordingly.

We generally respond to book requests daily, but it may take two or three days if we're busy. You should not have to wait long! When we do respond, we'll include a link to the book on our site, so you can add it to your cart and place an order if you like.

We also cover the cost of books for people currently in jail or prison, up to $50/mo. (You can read more about our books-to-prisoners service and get tips for sending books inside on our B2P page.) Select that option below if that's your intention and we'll set you up with a $50 gift card, which you can use to place the order for your friend or comrade inside. At the end of each month, we "refund" the gift cards, so you'll have that credit to spend again.

Depending on the delivery preferences you select at checkout, your books should arrive within 1-3 weeks after you place an order. Being good leftists, we use a diversity of tactics to get you your books. Also being leftists, we never source books from Amazon or its wholly-owned subsidiary AbeBooks.

Is it really that easy? The answer is yes: for you and us both. That's why the money we make goes to OUR FRIENDS.

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