Piero Manzoni: Materials & Lines

Piero Manzoni: Materials & Lines

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Publisher: Hauser & Wirth Publishers
Binding: Paperback

This two-volume publication highlights two key threads in the work of artist Piero Manzoni (1933-63). Materials covers Manzoni's years of prolific creation leading up to his untimely death, during which time he experimented with a wide variety of materials in his paintings, including sewn cloth, cotton wool, fiberglass, synthetic and natural fur, straw, cobalt chloride, stones, fluorescent polystyrene, pellets, packaging and more.

Lines delves into the eponymous body of work, which is of fundamental importance to his well-known Achromes--paintings without color, which aimed to strip his work of any trace of expression.

Extensively illustrated, both volumes feature several art historical essays alongside a host of archival material, making this one of the most comprehensive sources on the artist to date.