Richard Jackson

Richard Jackson

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Author/Contributor(s): Jackson, Richard ; Welchman, John ; Corcoran, Dagny
Publisher: Hauser & Wirth Publishers
Date: 05/26/2020
Binding: Hardcover
Condition: NEW

Five years in the making, a massive career-spanning celebration of Los Angeles artist Richard Jackson's irreverent, colorful and joyful action installation paintings

From the early 1970s on, the Wall Paintings, Stacks and Room installations of Sierra Madre-based artist Richard Jackson (born 1939) produced a series of landmark innovations in painting, sculpture, performance, installation and the relations between them.

This massive appraisal of Jackson's art, authored by art historian John C. Welchman and featuring an in-depth illustrated chronology by Dagny Corcoran, combines critical analysis of Jackson's work with reflections by the artist himself, drawn from extensive interviews and placed alongside new materials from Jackson's archive. Layering history and analysis with the ready wit and succinct wisdom of the artist, Welchman's text promises to be the primary resource on the career of one of America's major contemporary artists.

Corcoran's chronology--pulling from extensive new research and interviews with figures such as Paul McCarthy, Bruce Nauman and Rosamund Felsen--traces the important events in Jackson's life.