Mutations: The Many Strange Faces of Hardcore Punk

Mutations: The Many Strange Faces of Hardcore Punk

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Author/Contributor(s): McPheeters, Sam ; Vail, Tobi
Publisher: Rare Bird Books, a Barnacle Book
Date: 02/11/2020
Binding: Paperback
Condition: NEW

Inaugural pick for the Pitchfork Book Club

GQ's One of the Best Books to Read Right Now

How can so many people pledge allegiance to punk, something with no fixed identity? Depending on who and where you are, punk can be an outlet, excuse, lifestyle, escapism, conversation, community, ideology, sales category, social movement, punishable offense, badge of authenticity, reason to drink beer forever, or an aesthetic of belligerent incompetence. And if someone has a strong belief about what punk is, odds are they have even stronger feelings about what punk is not.

Sam McPheeters championed many different versions. Over the course of two decades, he fronted Born Against, released dozens of records and fanzines, and toured seventeen times across the northern hemisphere. In this collection of essays, profiles, criticism, and personal history, he examines the diverse realms he intersected--New York hardcore, Riot Grrrl, Gilman street, the hidden enclaves of Olympia, and New England, and downtown Los Angeles--and the forces of mental illness and creative inspiration that drove him, and others, in the first place.