Opera Buffa

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Author / Contributor(s): Tomaz Salamun Matthew Moore
Publisher: Black Ocean
Date: 2021

Trade paperback (US). 112p.
5.50 in. x 7.50 in.

Condition: NEW

Opera Buffa is Tomaz Salamun's last testament. It is a book rooted in torn landscapes of Central Europe and the Mediterranean. Crafted from place and power, these poems are fragments of collective memory. "There are hands, inside. Concordance rises / There are no foodstuffs. There's no branch." These are poems that examine what is tender and terrible in the world, ranging from the extrajudicial civil massacres of partisans during and after the Second World War, to the prejudicial violence carried out in twenty-first-century Europe against people forced to migrate from the Middle East, North Africa, and India. Opera Buffa witnesses anarchical plutocracy, climate catastrophe, and so much more. "Do you feel the footsteps?/ Do you feel the approach?" This is Opera Buffa.