On Populist Reason

On Populist Reason

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Author / Contributor(s): Ernesto Laclau
Publisher: Verso
Date: 2018

Trade paperback (US). 288p.
5.50 in. x 8.20 in.

Condition: NEW

A philosophical and political exploration of the construction of popular identities

In this highly original and influential work, Ernesto Laclau focuses on the construction of popular identities and how "the people" emerge as a collective actor. Skilfully combining theoretical analysis with a myriad of empirical references from numerous historical and geographical contexts, he offers a critical reading of the existing literature on populism, demonstrating its dependency on the theorists of "mass psychology," such as Taine and Freud. On Populist Reason is essential reading for all those interested in the question of political identities in the present day.