Elliott Green: At the Far Edge of the Known World

Elliott Green: At the Far Edge of the Known World

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Author/Contributor(s): Green, Elliott ; Green, Elliott ; Yau, John ; Ebony, David ; Prikryl, Jana ; Svenson, Arne ; Lucidon, Gary ; Rubiner, Michael
Publisher: Pierogi Press
Date: 01/21/2020
Binding: Hardcover
Condition: NEW

Elliott Green's radiant landscapes depict a world in unceasing motion

The autodidact painter Elliott Green (born 1960) came to New York City at age 21 to learn how to paint from scratch. Eight years later, an unsolicited envelope of 35mm slides he sent to an Upper East Side gallery resulted in a show, and his paintings were hanging alongside Warhols and de Koonings. In 2011, while in Italy as a recipient of the Rome Prize, he painted the first of the 112 landscapes featured in this volume. His work developed a new sense of space and landscape, characterized by panoramic, far-reaching vistas and geophysical features such as mountains, reservoirs and skies that seem to melt impossibly into pure gesture. Green's panoramas reveal worlds within worlds and convey emotion-in-nature with ferocity and frailty.

Six commentaries by John Yau, David Ebony, Jana Prikryl, Arne Svenson, Gary Lucidon and Michael Rubiner reflect on the artist's work with illuminating perspectives. The book features French folds and four foldout posters.