Rosa Luxemburg: Socialism or Barbarism: Selected Writings

Rosa Luxemburg: Socialism or Barbarism: Selected Writings

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Author/Contributor(s): Luxemburg, Rosa
Publisher: Pluto Press (UK)
Date: 11/06/2010
Binding: Paperback
Condition: NEW

Rosa Luxemburg's writings reveal one of the most brilliant and passionate minds drawn to the revolutionary socialist movement. Through the letters, pamphlets and theorising, we see an outstanding social and economic theorist, a dedicated political activist and a devoted confidant.

Providing an extensive overview of her writings, this volume contains a number of items never before anthologised. Her work was broad in scope tackling capitalism and socialism; globalisation and imperialism; history; war and peace; social struggles, trade unions, political parties; class, gender, race; the interconnection of humanity with the natural environment. The editors provide an extensive and informative introduction outlining and evaluating her life and thought.

This is the most comprehensive introduction to the range of Rosa Luxemburg's thought.


Introduction by Helen C. Scott and Paul Le Blanc
Sources, Further Reading, Acknowledgements
1. The French Revolution
2. Reform or Revolution
3. Eight Hour Day – How to Win Reforms
4. Stagnation and Progress of Marxism
5. Organisational Questions of Russian Social Democracy
6. Socialism and the Churches
7. The Mass Strike, the Political Party, and the Trade Unions
8. Blanquism and Social Democracy
9. The National Question
10. Theory and Practice,
11. Women’s Suffrage and Class Struggle
12. Lassalle’s Legacy
13. The Accumulation of Capital –An Anti-Critique
14. The Crisis of German Social Democracy (Junius Pamphlet)
15.Two Prison Letters to Sonya Liebknecht
16. The Russian Revolution
17. Founding Convention of the German Communist Party
18. Order Prevails in Berlin