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Author / Contributor(s): Thomas McGuane
Publisher: Vintage
Date: 1995

Trade paperback (US). 192p.
5.23 in. x 8.03 in.

Condition: NEW

Chester Pomeroy is a washed-up rock star turned casualty of illicit substances and kamikaze passion. In the hands of Thomas McGuane, Chester's story is a high-wire act of extravagant emotion and steel-nerved prose. As he haunts Key West, pestering family, threatening a potential in-law with a .38, and attempting to crucify himself on his ex's door out of sheer lovesickness, Chester emerges as the pure archetype of the McGuane hero. Out of his struggle to rejoin the human race -- and the imminent possibility that he may die trying -- McGuane has fashioned a harrowing and hilarious novel of alligators, macadam, the sea, sticky sex, laughter, and sudden death.