Thunder Rolling in the Mountains

Thunder Rolling in the Mountains

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Author/Contributor(s): O'Dell, Scott
Publisher: Clarion Books
Date: 09/13/2010
Binding: Paperback
Condition: NEW

Through the eyes of a brave and in-dependent young woman, Scott O'Dell tells of the tragic defeat of the Nez Perce, a classic tale of cruelty, betrayal, and heroism.

This powerful account of the tragic defeat of the Nez Perce Indians in 1877 by the United States Army is narrated by Chief Joseph's strong and brave daughter.

When Sound of Running Feet first sees white settlers on Nez Perce land, she vows to fight them. She'll fight all the people trying to steal her people's land and to force them onto a reservation, includ-ing the soldiers with their guns.

But if to fight means only to die, never win, is the fight worth it? When will the killing stop?

Like the author's Newbery Medal-winning classic Island of the Blue Dolphins, Scott O'Dell's Thunder Rolling in the Mountains is a gripping tale of survival, strength, and courage.