Dada and Surrealist Film

Dada and Surrealist Film

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Author/Contributor(s): Kuenzli, Rudolf E
Publisher: MIT Press
Date: 07/29/1996
Binding: Paperback. 260p.
0.59(h) x 5.94"(w) x 8.88"(d)
Condition: NEW
"Kuenzli has done film studies a service by gathering some of the best minds in the fields reflecting on specific topics."
-- Andrew Horton, "Film Quarterly"

"A comprehensive, clear and factual presentation of the subject . . . very useful."
-- Simonne Fischer, "French Review"

This groundbreaking collection of thirteen original essays analyzes connections between film and two highly influential twentieth-century movements. The essays, which comment on specific films and deal with theoretical and topical questions, are framed by a documentary section that includes a photographic reproduction of the manuscript scenario for Robert Desnos's and Man Ray's "L'Etoile de mer," and an introduction by the editor that provides a cogent working model for the difference between Dada and Surrealist perspectives.


"Introduction," Rudolf E. Kuenzli


"Dada/Cinema?" 7 Thomas Elsaesser.
"Liger's Ballet micanique" 7 Judi Freeman.
"Anemic Vision in Duchamp: Cinema as Readymade" 7 Dalia Judovitz.
"Exploring the Discursive Field of the Surrealist Scenario Text" 7 Richard Abel.
"Benjamin Fondane's "Scenarii intournables, " 7 Peter Christensen.
"Slit Screen" 7 David Wills.
"Constellated Visions: Robert Desnos's and Man Ray's" L'Etoile de mer 7 Inez Hedges.
"The Image and the Spark: Dulac and Artaud Reviewed" 7 Sandy Flitterman-Lewis.
"Dali and Un Chien andalou: The Nature of a Collaboration" 7 Haim Finkelstein.
Un Chien andalou: "The Talking Cure" 7 Stuart Liebman.
"Between the Sign of the Scorpion and the Sign of the Cross: " L'Bge d'or 7 Allen Weiss.
"Documentary Surrealism: OnLand without Bread" 7 Tom Conley.
"The Critical Grasp: Bunuelian Cinema and Its Critics" 7 Linda Williams.


Robert Desnos's and Man Ray's Scenario for "L'Etoile de mer"