Aesthetic Life and Why It Matters

Aesthetic Life and Why It Matters

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Author/Contributor(s): Lopes, Dominic ; Nanay, Bence ; Riggle, Nick
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Date: January 25, 2022


Condition: NEW

As the sunset swings into view, you think, That's beautiful. You take a bite of cake and you think, Wow, that's sweet-maybe too sweet. You hear that new song and it blows you away. You play it for your friends. The novel is wonderful, the movie disappoints, the dress looked better in the store.

Aesthetic Life and Why It Matters offers three new answers to Socrates's great question about how we should live that focus on the place of aesthetic engagement in well-being. Three philosophers offer their perspectives on how aesthetic commitments move us through the world and shape our well-being, our sense of self, and our connections to others. Aesthetic engagement is a site for achievement, it cultivates individuality within a context of community, and it satisfies a hunger for exploring our differences. A closing dialogue between the authors probes some flash points in thinking about value: disagreement, subjectivism, ethnocentrism, fads and fashions, and ideology critique. Written in appealing prose, with vivid examples, a comprehensive introduction, and suggestions for further reading, the
book is designed as a self-contained module in aesthetics for introductory courses in philosophy.