Next!: The Secrets of Great Transformations in Life and Business

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Publisher: Mariner Books
Binding: Hardcover

From the bestselling author of That's What She Said, a timely and essential book on the art and science of reinvention and an inspiring guide to personal and professional transitions.

The disruptions of recent years have sparked a collective reckoning, forever changing the way we think about life and work. We reprioritized our lives, reordered how we envisioned the future. The pandemic changed society in many ways, but among the most powerful was a collective rethinking of our relationship to our jobs. Millions quit the workforce in 2021 and 2022, and stunningly almost a third had no new job lined up to go to. We reevaluated how much time we wanted to spend at work, where and how we wanted to spend it, our motivations, and our ideas about what constitutes a "good job" in the first place.

Whatever the catalyst, it prompts in us the urgent need to pivot, to ask the question: What's next--and how do we get there?

In Next!, bestselling author and journalist Joanne Lipman draws on hundreds of personal interviews and academic research papers to answer just this question. Lipman seeks out people who have been successful in reimagining their work or life, speaks with scientists and researchers who study transformation, and provides case studies and a toolkit of practical steps showing how companies and individuals can change. The result is a more holistic view not just of how transitions work, but of how to make them more successfully in our own lives.