The Good Muslim

The Good Muslim

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Author/Contributor(s): Anam, Tahmima
Publisher: Harper Perennial
Date: 08/14/2012
Binding: Paperback
Condition: NEW

"Delicate, heart-wrenching and poetic, this is a novel of great poise and power." --Tash Aw, author of The Harmony Silk Factory

The Good Muslim is an epic story about faith, family, the rise of religious fundamentalism, and the long shadow of war from prize-winning Bangladeshi novelist Tahmima Anam.

In the dying days of a brutal civil war in Bangladesh, Sohail Haque stumbles upon an abandoned building. Inside he finds a young woman whose story will haunt him for a lifetime to come.

Almost a decade later, Sohail's sister, Maya, returns home after a long absence to find her beloved brother transformed. While Maya has stuck to her revolutionary ideals, Sohail has shunned his old life to become a charismatic religious leader. And when Sohail decides to send his son to a madrasa, the conflict between brother and sister comes to a devastating climax.