Thinking in Thin Air: Anthology of a Decade: Engadin Art Talks

Thinking in Thin Air: Anthology of a Decade: Engadin Art Talks

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Author/Contributor(s): Canonica, Finn ; Canonica, Finn ; Bechtler, Cristina ; Bechtler, Cristina ; Charrière, Julian ; Danuser, Hans ; Hecker, Zvi ; Helled, Ravit ; Hirschhorn, Thomas ; Huws, Bethan ; Lesnierowska, Joanna ; Pettena, Gianni ; Rehberger, Tobias ; Ruch, Hans-Jorg ; Sachs, Rolf ; Schindhelm, Michael ; Teller, Juergen ; Saraceno, Tomás ; Tuazon, Oscar
Publisher: Lars Muller Publishers
Date: 03/24/2020
Binding: Paperback
Condition: NEW

A diverse anthology of work from the fabled Engadin Art Talks, with Eileen Myles, Thomas Hirschhorn and many more

In the Engadine mountain village of Zuoz, high in the Swiss Alps, artists, architects and scientists gather every winter to talk about their ideas and projects and to exchange ideas beyond the boundaries of their profession. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Engadin Art Talks, founded by Cristina Bechtler and Hans Ulrich Obrist, this book provides an insight into the special atmosphere of this event in the mountain air.

Thinking in Thin Air presents works by the participants and offers a fascinating insight into the thinking of some of the most important artists of our time in the form of essays, sketches and original art. It includes writings by Peter Zumthor, Rem Koolhaas, Eileen Myles, Robert Walser, Simone Weil, Thomas Hirschhorn, Juergen Teller, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Marcel Proust and many others.