Jean Prouvé Architecture: Five-Volume Box Set No. 3

Jean Prouvé Architecture: Five-Volume Box Set No. 3

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Author/Contributor(s): Prouve, Jean
Publisher: Galerie Patrick Seguin
Date: 03/10/2020
Binding: Hardcover
Condition: NEW

Closely researched and lovingly designed appreciations of demountable homes, schools and offices by Jean Prouvé

This new collection of five clothbound volumes on Jean Prouvé (1901-84), iconic French architect and designer, provides a close examination of the plans and processes of a famed design mind. The third box set of Prouvé architectural work published by Galerie Patrick Seguin, this selection of projects demonstrates Prouvé's ability to innovate and adapt to any circumstance or environment, highlighting his designs intended for mass production or quick construction. Each volume is also available individually.

This collection first examines the 1948 Maxéville Design Office, built as a prototype model to convince the public of the virtues of prefabricated housing. The second volume presents the 1944 6x9 Demountable House, intended for temporary mass housing for those displaced by World War II. The third showcases the 1950 Bouqueval Demountable School designed, once again, for mass production, this time to be used as a rural single-classroom school. The fourth volume, the 1940 SCAL Demountable Pavilion in Issoire, was another attempt at mass housing, and the final volume in the set features Prouvé's family home in Nancy, France, built over three weekends in 1954.

Each volume details the project's design, development and completion, with sketches, plans, diagrams and photographs. These in-depth explorations celebrate Prouvé's distinctive style and demonstrate his remarkable dedication to cutting-edge forward-thinking.