Sun of Consciousness

Sun of Consciousness

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Author / Contributor(s): Edouard Glissant / Contributor(s): NathanaÌÇl
Publisher: Nightboat Books
Date: 2020

Paperback / softback. 112p.
5.20 in. x 7.90 in.

Condition: NEW

Soleil de la Conscience (Sun of Consciousness) was Martinican philosopher Ìädouard Glissant's first published work, and opened the Po̩tique (Poetics) strain of his oeuvre. This book-length essay, which is characterized by its exploratory, intimate character, announces Glissants concerns with cr̩olisation (creolization), mondialit̩ (worldliness, as against globalization), or opacit̩ (opacity) and inscribes in this work a refusal of colonialism and of inverted exoticism. The sense of estrangement experienced by the author who arrives as a "foreigner" in a country to which he is bound by "the first page of his passport" is the author's principal preoccupation. By positioning himself as both different and same, Glissant opens a space for the writing of a(nother) history: that of the Caribbean.