There's A Room: Three Performance Texts by Third Angel

There's A Room: Three Performance Texts by Third Angel

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Author/Contributor(s): Angel, Third; Voadora, Mala
Publisher: Oberon Books
Date: 10/09/2019
Binding: Paperback
Condition: NEW

There's A Room brings together three works by Third Angel:

A man and a woman, trapped in a plain white room; a room that can become any room that holds a shared memory for them. They remember the times when they were happy together, and the times when, somehow, they weren't. They think about the times when they could happily kill each other.

Presumption is a show about love. Not romantic, thrill of passion love, not unconditional, unquestioned love. Everyday, what shall we have for dinner, will you be in later, expecting to go on living together – well what else would we do? – love.

A theatre piece with two songs: one original, one karaoke.
When you actually go there, you'll understand. The heat there. It's a different sort of heat. Or the cold. It makes you shiver in a completely new way. The light. They're always going on about the light.
There's a place where you confess your sins to voicemail.
There's a place where you can buy a cure for loneliness on CD.
There's a place where fake snow covers real mountains.
There's a place where the dances only exist in the memory of three old women.
There's a place where you can rent demonstrators to be angry on your behalf.
There's a place where you can rent strangers to cry at your funeral.
There's a place where they listen to a radio station that broadcasts silence.
There's a place where there are only five official haircuts for men.