Friends of Israel: The Backlash Against Palestine Solidarity

Friends of Israel: The Backlash Against Palestine Solidarity

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Author/Contributor(s): Aked, Hilary Frances
Publisher: Verso
Date: 02/07/2023
Binding: Paperback
Condition: NEW
Is there such a thing as "the Israel lobby," and how powerful is it really?

Friends of Israel investigates the role played by an organised network of groups and individuals, deeply committed to Zionism, in sustaining high-level support for Israel in Britain, despite significant public opposition. It provides an informed and evidenced account of the activities of Israel-advocates in the UK, showing how they contribute to maintaining the intolerable status quo in Israel/Palestine. Aked asks: who are the critical actors, what are their strategies and tactics, and how powerful are they really?

Accessibly written, empirically rich, and politically relevant, Aked draws on a range of sources including interviews with leading Zionist activists, alongside Palestinian rights activists, documents obtained through Freedom of Information requests, archival material and the wealth of literature produced by Israel-advocacy groups. Ending with a sober look at the strength of the Israel lobby in the context of the UK's entrenched power inequalities, the book also emphasises possibilities for resistance. In particular, it points to the potential of the BDS movement to disrupt the influence of pro-Israel forces.

Friends of Israel is a much-needed contribution, useful to anyone seeking to understand how power works in the UK, and to the Palestine solidarity movement.