Bigotry on Broadway

Bigotry on Broadway

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Author/Contributor(s): Reed, Ishmael ; Blank, Carla
Publisher: Baraka Books
Date: 09/01/2021

Trade paperback (US). 220p.
5.50 in. x 8.50 in.

Condition: NEW

In this hard-hitting anthology, Ishmael Reed and Carla Blank have invited 12 informed and accomplished writers and cultural commentators, both women and men, who are rarely heard to comment on the long-standing bigotry on Broadway towards many different ethnic minorities. Contributors are Lonely Christopher, Tommy Curry, Jack Foley, Emil Guillermo, Claire J. Harris, Yuri Kageyama, Soraya McDonald, Nancy Mercado, Aimee Phan, Elizabeth Theobold Richards, Shawn Wong and David Yearsley, in addition to Ishmael Reed and Carla Blank.