The Spider's Web

The Spider's Web

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Author/Contributor(s): Williams, Laura E
Publisher: Milkweed Editions
Date: 03/24/1999
Binding: Paperback. 150p.
5.23"(w) x 7.94"(l)
Condition: NEW

Skinhead. Neo-Nazi. Lexi Jordan knows the names her friends use to talk about themselves, but she isn't quite sure what they mean. She knows the tattoo on her head--of a swastika--and the heavy boots that blister her feet are part of belonging. And Lexi wants to belong. She feels more at home sneaking out to meet and make plans with her friends than she does in her own home.

But Lexi begins to wonder just how safe she is when the group begins to do things that make her increasingly uneasy. When she meets Ursula Zeidler, an old woman with a terrifying secret, Lexi sets off a chain of events that places everyone she cares about in danger and leads her to make the most important decisions of her life.

In this suspenseful and all too realistic novel, Laura E. Williams allows the reader to see the world through the eyes of two girls: one in the present, whose dissatisfaction with her life leads her to flirt with the edges of danger, and one from the past. For both, the consequences of their actions become achingly real.