Law and Ardor: An Andrew Broom Mystery

Law and Ardor: An Andrew Broom Mystery

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Author/Contributor(s): McInerny, Ralph
Publisher: Scribner Book Company
Date: 12/21/2001
Binding: Paperback
Condition: NEW
From the creator of Father Dowling comes an addition to the Andrew Broom mystery series following the case of the death of a wealthy business man found dead on the green of the seventh hole of the Wyler Country Club, leaving Broom, the top lawyer in town, to solve to case.

As the top lawyer in his hometown of Wyler, Indiana, Andrew Broom is living the best life he can with a flawless trial record in a town where everybody knows everybody and there is plenty of time for golf.

But when the corpse of Edgar Bissonet, a prosperous and influential businessman, turns up on the seventh hole of Wyler Country Club, all of the lawyer's hopes for a leisurely and easy summer disappear.

As the quest to figure out if Edgar died of natural causes or was the target of someone's revenge ensues, Broom teams up with his nephew and partner, Gerald, and takes on the case, defending Edgar's son Matthew against a mountain of evidence pointing towards him.

Though he is happy to work on an investigation that can be paired with a quick nine holes, it becomes apparent that Broom's assumed innocence of Matthew has been misplaced, drawing the stakes of the case much higher as the successful lawyer is threatened with his first loss.