Pirates in Oz (Wonderful Oz Books, No 25) (Ballantine Bks Trade)

Pirates in Oz (Wonderful Oz Books, No 25) (Ballantine Bks Trade)

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Author/Contributor(s): Thompson, Ruth Plumly
Publisher: Del Rey Books
Date: 05/12/1986
Binding: Paperback. 240p.
0.59(h) x 5.54"(w) x 8.56"(d)
Condition: NEW
Return to L. Frank Baum's wonderful world of Oz with this illustrated children's book series.

The old Gnome King attempts to capture the Emerald City and regain his magic belt, much to the horror of Peter, the Philadelphia boy who returns on a flying poetical pig to try to save Oz.

Hindered by a band of mutinying pirates, Peter is helped by a magic ship that sails through both water and sky, a king who wants only to be a seafaring cook, and Samuel Salt, the swashbuckling Pirate Captain himself.

Praise for the Oz series

"Where the young stay young and the old grow young forever--these books are for readers of all ages."--Ray Bradbury

"The land of Oz has managed to fascinate each new generation. . . . The Oz books continue to exert their spell . . . and those who read [them] are often made what they were not--imaginative, tolerant, alert to wonders."--Gore Vidal

"I was raised with the Oz books, and their enchantment, humor and excitement remain with me. They are still a joy and a treasure. I welcome this Oz revival."--Stephen R. Donaldson