Archive Fever: A Freudian Impression

Archive Fever: A Freudian Impression

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Author / Contributor(s): Jacques Derrida / Contributor(s): Eric Prenowitz
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Date: 2017

Paperback / softback. 128p.
5.40 in. x 8.40 in.

Condition: NEW

In Archive Fever, Jacques Derrida deftly guides us through an extended meditation on remembrance, religion, time, and technology--fruitfully occasioned by a deconstructive analysis of the notion of archiving. Intrigued by the evocative relationship between technologies of inscription and psychic processes, Derrida offers for the first time a major statement on the pervasive impact of electronic media, particularly e-mail, which threaten to transform the entire public and private space of humanity. Plying this rich material with characteristic virtuosity, Derrida constructs a synergistic reading of archives and archiving, both provocative and compelling.

Judaic mythos, Freudian psychoanalysis, and e-mail all get fused into another staggeringly dense, brilliant slab of scholarship and suggestion.--The Guardian

[Derrida] convincingly argues that, although the archive is a public entity, it nevertheless is the repository of the private and personal, including even intimate details.--Choice

Beautifully written and clear.--Jeremy Barris, Philosophy in Review

Translator Prenowitz has managed valiantly to bring into English a difficult but inspiring text that relies on Greek, German, and their translations into French.--Library Journal