Smurfs: Bringing Up Smurfy

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Publisher: HarperCollins
Binding: Paperback

Fans of the Smurfs will giggle as Dimwitty discovers the joy and stress of parenting an unusual baby. Includes stickers and a search-and-find activity!

When Dimwitty finds an abandoned egg in the woods, he decides to take it home and raise it as his own. He's so excited to be a dad! Dimwitty is not the smartest Smurf, but he does have a big heart.

As "Junior" hatches and runs around the village into danger and trouble, the other Smurfs pitch in to help. Except that their help is not very helpful! Everyone has their own ideas of how to parent Junior. Who knows best?

This spring-themed storybook is a fun read-aloud for new and old Smurf fans.