The Self Unstable

The Self Unstable

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Author/Contributor(s): Gabbert, Elisa
Publisher: Black Ocean
Date: 11/12/2013
Binding: Paperback
Condition: NEW
Literary Nonfiction. Elisa Gabbert's THE SELF UNSTABLE combines elements of memoir, philosophy, and aphorism to explore and trouble our ideas of the self, memory, happiness, aesthetics, love, and sex. With a sense of humor and an ability to find glimmers of the absurd in the profound, she uses the lyric essay like a koan to provoke the reader's reflection--unsettling the role of truth and interrogating the I in both literary and daily life: The future isn't anywhere, so we can never get there. We can only disappear.

Gabbert strikes a perfect balance between heart and head, between cleverness and earnestness, between language that demonstrates its own fallibility and language that is surprisingly, perfectly precise.--Make Magazine

... smart and philosophically dexterous, capable of showing the self to be a fetish-object of its own and also a refractive subject of Lacanian devotion, as a mirror which doesn't so much distort as endlessly `reveal, ' like the panopticon eye of a camera.--The Rumpus

... the dispassion about the self allows the writer to enact a number of equally lovely sleights of hand . . . Even while the author is drawn to image and reason, she is also in love with the vanishing point, where all perspective is ecstatically compressed into a single node.--Gently Read Literature