Dearth & God's Green Mirth

Dearth & God's Green Mirth

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Author/Contributor(s): Clevidence, Cody-Rose
Publisher: Fonograf Editions
Date: 08/09/2022
Binding: Paperback
Condition: NEW

A new tête-bêche diptych chapbook from innovative poet Cody-Rose Clevidence, DEARTH & GOD'S GREEN MIRTH discovers dark songs unseen in distant places unheard.

Careening wildly between the philosophical angst of being a human on this planet in this certain moment in human history, and barefaced, godless whimsy, the two projects in this t'teb'che diptych chapbook discard formalisms--even their own--to investigate the relationship between the space of the whole universe and god. Protoformal, DEARTH is a collection of scifi dirges for all of living things on a small contaminated planet. In God's Green Mirth the poet playfully degrades god, for fun.


Cody-Rose is writing pages sung old, flung anew, lyrics dripped in endless nameless crystal countenance. They are village poet seeing hearing stars as visible resonance of shared glyph. Demons infect, graces play, a wildlife strategy of intuition, survival, identity and foreverness. With lamp and map Cody-Rose is writing out to startling territories, camouflaged, cutlass in teeth.--Thurston Moore

Clevidence invites us in deeper to the complications of which we ourselves are a part, to participate in the tangle, knowing there is no other way, save by the lovely irritation of the world itself, to gain the great pearl.--Dan Beachy-Quick, Colorado Review

Poetry. LGBTQ+ Studies. Hybrid.