Porn Carnival: Paradise Edition

Porn Carnival: Paradise Edition

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Author/Contributor(s): White, Rachel Rabbit
Publisher: Wonder
Date: 2019
Binding: Paperback
Condition: NEW

Poetry. LGBTQIA Studies. Women's Studies. PORN CARNIVAL: PARADISE EDITION brings a new bonus series of love poems to Rachel Rabbit White's much-acclaimed debut collection, additional poems take readers through both the mournful distances of incarceration, overdoses, rehabs, sex and the blissed out quotidian dramas of falling in love.

In PORN CARNIVAL, the debut full-length collection by Rachel Rabbit White, hedonism and materialist critique join in an abject orgy of labor confessionals, group texts, and criminality. White's deliberate, dominating voice evokes a Plath-like dynamism turned on to queer pleasure and displeasure, indulgence and raison d'Ãatre, the bedevilments of a gay bitch on the pole.

Rachel Rabbit White is a state of being where beauty is crafted and exploded into new form of God. Vast violent ecstatic cumming Rachel has crafted a labyrinthine of poetic rumination resembling a heaven of sexy thorny sparking love.--Precious Okoyomon

Rachel Rabbit White's exquisite debut, PORN CARNIVAL, braids lumpen poetry and luxury communism into a delicate rope encircling its readers. Writing in the tradition of Edna St. Vincent Millay and Chelsey Minnis, White's poetics produce radical empathy for those who struggle in the margins and violently rejects the normalized oppression of status quo. Broken hearted but still turned on, PORN CARNIVAL is a book that keeps on going, bringing us a first collection that is truly 'poetry to impress the gods.'--Elaine Kahn

This book presents a rich, wild, sometimes gritty panorama of life in the early 21st-century city, a post-crash terrain of precarious living and transactional intimacy. Sometimes funny, often dark, unafraid of abjection and extremity and equally unafraid of poetic power: these poems combine brilliant scene-making with psychological depth and specificity. Rachel Rabbit White offers a complex, dramatic, sometimes sardonic, often tender voicing: an exploration of consciousness and its whiplashes amidst ongoing social and sexual life.--Maureen Mclane