Ten Days that Shook the World: 100th Anniversary Edition

Ten Days that Shook the World: 100th Anniversary Edition

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Author/Editor: Reed, John
Publisher: OR Books
Date: 2018
Binding: Paperback
Condition: NEW

This dazzling eyewitness account of the Russian revolution takes its readers into the heart of the extraordinary events that occurred in St. Petersburg during the late fall of 1917. This new edition with a new introduction is published to coincide with the revolution’s 100th anniversary.

An American journalist on assignment for the New York-based communist newspaper, The Masses, John Reed here provides a riveting account of the events that led to Lenin and the Bolsheviks seizing state power. Crackling with energetic immediacy, Reed’s chronicle is based on his days and nights walking the streets and visiting the meeting halls in a city ablaze with revolutionary fervor. His reports are crammed with urgent information gleaned from handbills, newspapers, and posters, and from talking to the soldiers, peasants and industrial workers who have flooded to the city to the join ranks of an insurgency that will storm the Tsar’s Winter Palace and declare a revolutionary government.

Lenin, who would become a close friend of Reed’s, wrote of Ten Days That Shook the World: “Unreservedly do I recommend it to the workers of the world. Here is a book which I should like to see published in millions of copies and translated into all languages.” With an original and extensive introduction by the acclaimed economist David Laibman, this new edition of the book that inspired both Sergei Eisenstein’s movie October and Warren Beatty’s Reds will bring to a fresh audience the tumultuous days of a revolution that was to change history for the century that followed