Fortunate Daughter: A Memoir of Reconciliation

Fortunate Daughter: A Memoir of Reconciliation

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Author / Contributor(s): Rosie McMahan
Publisher: She Writes Press
Date: 2021

Trade paperback (US). 248p.
5.50 in. x 8.40 in.

Condition: NEW

Rosie's sins were never difficult to recall; they lined themselves up like baby ducks in her mind's eye. Her confession to Father Hart one day in 1974 went like this: "I didn't finish all my chores. I stole the Halloween candy my mom hid in the pantry. And I let my Daddy touch my private places."

Though it begins as an all-too-common story of childhood sexual abuse, Fortunate Daughter gradually becomes a rare story of how one person heals from that early trauma. In this intimate first-person narrative, Rosie McMahan offers the reader a portrait of misery, abuse, and hurt, followed by the difficult and painful task of healing--a journey that, in the end, reveals the complicated and nuanced venture of true reconciliation and the freedom that comes along with it.