Hello Kitty: Here We Go!

Hello Kitty: Here We Go!

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Author/Contributor(s): Castro, Giovanni ; Chabot, Jacob ; McGinty, Ian ; Monlongo, Jorge ; Buscema, Stephanie ; Chabot, Jacob ; McGinty, Ian ; Monlongo, Jorge
Publisher: Viz Media
Date: 10/01/2013
Binding: Paperback
Condition: NEW
The Hello Kitty brand touches every part of a girl's life with on-trend product, and touches every part of popular culture--from fashion to celebrity to art. It is a true lifestyle brand. VIZ Media's wordless comic series is the first of its kind.

Hello Kitty and her friends are off on adventures near and far!

Hello Kitty has places to be and friends to meet!

Join Hello Kitty in her first-ever comic book adventures as she explores an underground realm, moonlights as an international super spy, climbs the Himalayas, travels back in time, and discovers that sometimes, the best place to get away from it all is between the pages of a good book.

Plus, guest artist Susie Ghahremani takes Hello Kitty on some unexpected detours!