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Author/Contributor(s): Young, Brigit
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
Date: 07/05/2022
Binding: Hardcover
Condition: NEW

In this poignant middle grade novel, a struggling student joins her school's celebrated quiz team in a bid to avoid failing eighth grade.

Marianne Blume knows she's one of the stupid kids. After years of trying and trying and feeling like she's always failing, she has mastered the art of turning off her brain whenever questions or lectures arise. She gets by in school on a combination of luck, deflection, and charisma--that is, until she lands in the classroom of Mr. Garcia.

To avoid flunking Mr. Garcia's class, Marianne joins her school's Quiz Quest team, hoping the move will ingratiate her to him, the team's coach. Can Marianne learn to be smart if she puts her mind to it? And what does it really mean to be 'bright, ' anyway?

Brigit Young's Bright is a readable and empowering story about bucking labels, overcoming preconceptions, and learning to find--and uphold--your own self-worth.

A winning story about persevering and being enough. I fell in love with Marianne - my heart broke for her even as I was cheering her on. I wanted to wrap her in a hug and tell her to believe in herself. Friendship and heart make Bright a touching and joyful read. -Debbi Michiko Florence