No Reservation: New York Contemporary Native American Art Movement

No Reservation: New York Contemporary Native American Art Movement

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Author / Contributor(s): Jennifer Tromski, Dore Ashton, David Martine
Publisher: Amerinda Inc.
Date: 2017

Trade paperback (US). 260p.
6.00 in. x 9.00 in.

Condition: NEW

This publication marks the first time that a diverse group of Native painters, sculptors, photographers, installation and media artists, performing artists, filmmakers and writers has been defined as a movement or given a name.

The encounter of Native practices and in?uences with mainstream art created a community in which the relationship between art and indigenous sensibility was recognized and nurtured. These artists have shown in galleries in the heart of SoHo, written articles for publications such as Art in America, and produced work that incorporates the visual strategies of Abstract Expressionism, pop, conceptualism and various strains of postmodernism. Among the artists represented here are Leon Polk Smith, George Morrison, Jimmie Durham, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, G. Peter Jemison, Jeffrey Gibson, Brad Kahlhamer and Lloyd R. Oxendine.