The Harry's Bar Cookbook : Recipes and Reminiscences from the World-Famous Venice Bar and Restaurant

The Harry's Bar Cookbook : Recipes and Reminiscences from the World-Famous Venice Bar and Restaurant

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Author/Contributor(s): Cipriani, Harry
Publisher: Bantam
Date: 10/01/1991
Binding: Hardcover
Condition: NEW
A delectable collection of nearly 200 recipes from the legendary restaurant Harry’s Bar
There is only one Harry’s Bar. Located on Venice’s Calle Vallaresso, near the Piazza San Marco, this restaurant has been the meeting place for artists, writers, royalty, maestros, divas, celebrities, the very rich, and lots of ordinary—but very wise—Americans and Europeans for over five decades. In The Harry’s Bar Cookbook, Arrigo Cipriani shares his favorite stories about Harry’s Bar—and reveals treasured recipes for the restaurant’s most popular dishes.

Harry’s Bar, above all, is a bar, whose distinctive mixed drinks were created by its founder, Arrigo’s father Giuseppe Cipriani. You’ll find careful instructions for making the world-famous Belini—the frosty, frothy combination of rose-colored peach elixir and Prosecco—and the secret of making the Montgomery, named by Ernest Hemingway himself, which is the driest, most delicious martini in the world.

Harry’s Bar is famous for its mouth-watering, overstuffed, unique sandwiches, but the restaurant’s risottos and dozens of pasta dishes—including ravioli, cannelloni, and tagliolini—are the house specialties. The Harry’s Bar Cookbook presents recipes for these world-renowned dishes and also includes chapters on meats, vegetables, soups, sauces, desserts, and more.

Opinionated and full of surprises, Arrigo reveals the secrets of his kitchen and bar accompanied by lavish, full-color photographs that make the feast a visual one as well. The Harry’s Bar Cookbook is much more than a cookbook: it’s an enduring experience to be savored and enjoyed.