Edgar Cayce on Prophecy

Edgar Cayce on Prophecy

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Author/Editor: Carter, Mary Ellen
Publisher: Warner Books
Date: 1968
Binding: Mass-market paperback
Condition: USED - Very good. First printing. An unmarked copy with some minor wear to spine and corner edges.

Will Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) Return to Earth?

This is just one of the questions answered in this astonishing collection of predictions from the celebrated “Life Readings” of America’s most famous prophet, Edgar Cayce. Discover for yourself:

  1. When will the millennium occur?
  2. What will end America’s racial unrest?
  3. What lost civilization will be found in the Gobi Desert?
  4. Is everything we do and say recorded on a supernatural etheric “TV” screen?
  5. What will the secret of the “Pyramid Prophecies” reveal?