Energy Science 4th Edition: Principles Technologies and Impacts

Energy Science 4th Edition: Principles Technologies and Impacts

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Author/Contributor(s): Andrews
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Date: 02/19/2022
Binding: Paperback
Condition: NEW
Do renewable energy sources really provide a realistic alternative to fossil fuels? How does wind power compare to nuclear power, in terms of the energy it can generate? How do we get energy from the tides, and is it really a useful source of power?

Energy Science: Principles, Technologies, and Impacts integrates the science behind the key energy sources that are at our disposal today with the socioeconomic issues surrounding their use to give a balanced, objective overview of the range of energy sources available to us today. Covering both traditional and renewable energy sources, the book encourages the reader to evaluate different energy sources on the basis of sound quantitative understanding. It also explores the fundamental processes of energy generation, storage, and transmission, building a complete picture of energy supply and use--from wind turbines, nuclear reactors, and hydroelectric dams--to our homes.

Different energy sources have different social and economic impacts; the book uses examples and case studies throughout to help the reader critically assess the information to hand surrreach a well-rounded, informed view of the relative merits and drawbacks of the utilization of various energy sources.

Problems with current and future energy use and supply extend globally; Energy Science: Principles, Technologies, and Impacts introduces the potential solutions that science can offer, within a framework that encourages the critical assessment of the pros and cons of each.

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