Talking Health: A New Way to Communicate about Public Health

Talking Health: A New Way to Communicate about Public Health

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Author/Contributor(s): Miller, Mark ; Castrucci, Brian C ; Locke, Rachel ; Haskins, Julia ; Castillo, Grace
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Date: 08/19/2022
Binding: Paperback
Condition: NEW
The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the need for health professionals to communicate more clearly about what public health is and why it matters. Public health in the United States has been underfunded, undervalued, and misunderstood largely because of the unclear and inconsistent way health
leaders talk about it.

Talking Health is intended to help public health and allied professionals communicate about public health more effectively - whether they need to reach policymakers, community partners, the media, or the public. Many people who are trained in medicine or public health have never had to sell ideas
or policies to uninformed or skeptical partners, but the insights, tools, and resources included in this book can provide a first step toward better communications and stronger partnerships.

This book is based on original research and insights by social scientists and seasoned communications professionals at the FrameWorks Institute and Hattaway Communications. It provides practical tools such as tested messaging and effective metaphors to help professionals avoid messages that
backfire, answer challenging questions, reframe public health assumptions, and draw on the power of anecdotes while sharing important data.

Drawing together leading experts across media and public health, Talking Health is a practical and powerful starting point for those ready to change how public health is viewed and valued in our nation.