The Measure of Our Success: Letter to My Children and Yours

The Measure of Our Success: Letter to My Children and Yours

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Author/Contributor(s): Edelman, Marian Wright
Publisher: Harper Perennial
Date: 05/12/1993
Binding: Paperback
Condition: NEW

#1 New York Times Bestseller

This book is from the heart of a woman who practices each lesson she preaches. It struck a deep chord in me as a mother trying to raise a daughter in difficult times. -- Hillary Clinton

The Measure of Our Success is a book to turn lives around: a compassionate message for parents trying to raise moral children, a tough and searching book that ought to be required reading for every young American.

The book speaks powerfully to the author's three sons about the mothering Marian Wright Edelman gave them--mothering, she explains, that could not ignore other people's children who were in greater need. In the book's centerpiece, Twenty-Five Lessons for Life, we're invited to listen as a loving and extraordinarily committed mother gives her children lessons to live by.

The Measure of Our Success is an open letter to all America, and a timely message of hope and purpose for everyone.