The Fire She Fights

The Fire She Fights

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Author/Contributor(s): Moore, Tracy
Publisher: Wise Ink
Date: 10/07/2021
Binding: Paperback
Condition: NEW

Inspired by the true stories of over thirty women firefighters, this first-of-its-kind novel brings female firefighter stories blazing onto bookshelves.

“I cried, I laughed, I cheered. This book shines a light on the strength and courage of hardworking women who pave the way for social change and gender equality.” —Carlyn Gilmore, occupational therapist

It’s dangerous to be an extraordinary woman. 

Four women—Ruby, Dana, Brazil, and Jessie—choose the extraordinary when they join the Minneapolis Fire Department. Prepared to fight literal fires, none of them anticipate the threats lurking in the dark corners of the firehouse. 

How do you protect yourself from someone labeled as a hero? 

Is it better to secure your own place in a flawed system, or fight for something better? 

Told by a veteran Minneapolis firefighter and captain, The Fire She Fights brings bold representation to the realities of working in a male-dominated field.

In this compelling addition to women's fiction, the lives and friendships of female firefighters are illuminated as they support one another in a culture meant to keep them out.

“The most realistic book of female firefighters I have ever read!”

—Lisa Sedillo, firefighter and paramedic for West Manatee Fire Rescue

Tracy Moore served as a Minneapolis firefighter and captain for more than twenty years. She earned a Master of Public Affairs degree from The University of Minnesota at the Humphrey School.