Hello Friends!

Welcome to our first monthly blog post.

It's been a fun few weeks. Your support and enthusiasm in the early going have enabled us to test and refine our special order system, and directed us to some publishers that we must work with directly. So far, we are setting up direct accounts with Duke University Press, University of Minnesota Press, and UNC Press. We will also be working with Small Press Distribution, which distributes many wonderful books of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, from some of our favorite publishers. If there's a press you love and would like us to carry please let us know!

For our very first (and modest) selection of featured books, we've chosen--in holiday spirit--assorted terrible, weird and fantastic tales; noir-ish nightmares and filthy fables set in unforgiving criminal underworlds; and a couple works of creative nonfiction exploring horror and the American gothic.

We'll be adding a few more titles to the selection in the coming weeks as we get them in. These books are a mix of new and used titles, all in stock and eligible for free local delivery should you dare to order them.


At the end of October we'll send our second monthly newsletter, announcing a new featured collection for November and giving a brief snapshot of our finances this month.

So far, the MASSIVE BOOK HOOK-UP has been a great success, thanks to you. If you're as excited as we are about this service please tell your friends! We have room to grow.

Yours truly,

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