Hello Friends!

First, the great news. We had 46 orders through the Book Hook-Up in the month of October and not only covered our minimal hosting fees ($40.81/mo.), but raised $131.77 for our first Friend of the Book Hook-Up, Great Falls Books Through Bars. GFBtB is an all-volunteer group in western Massachusetts that sends books and letters to prisoners. This unpaid labor is especially important in the time and place we're living, as the prison population in this country is growing exponentially, while prisoner access to libraries and other educational resources is dwindling. We couldn't be more thrilled to be in a position to support this work in our very first month of doing business.

Though $131.77 may seem like a small amount to you, it really feels like an incredible accomplishment to us. To put this in perspective: that money will buy postage for roughly 47 books. That's one book going to a prisoner for each one of your orders.

Raising this money is something we've all done together. Your enthusiasm and support for this project has been overwhelming! Though it may seem optimistic to anticipate generating as much or more revenue from the Book Hook-Up next month, we are nevertheless planning for it. We hope to make our contribution to GFBtB a recurring monthly donation, and to make more Friends of the Book Hook-Up as well. To make that happen we'll need to keep growing our customer base, so if this service is working for you, please tell your friends!

Thanks to your enthusiasm and feedback, we've been able to get a feel for how this business works and make some needed changes, which we think will be to the benefit of all. One major change we've made this past week is to our shipping policy.

Shipping (for us) and ordering (for you) were a bit too complex when we started. We have three different delivery scenarios: FREE local delivery, domestic shipping, and shipping direct from the distributor. That gets complicated pretty quickly when, for example, a local customer orders one book we have in stock, another shipping direct from the distributor, and wants to request free local delivery at checkout. At first we couldn't make that work!

Well, we think we've figured this out. Now, local customers can select FREE local delivery even on books ordered through the Book Hook-Up. Domestic economy or expedited shipping are still options as well, and you'll pay a single shipping charge, no matter who ships the books (us or a distributor). We've also lowered our domestic economy shipping charge. The base charge for a single book weighing under 1lb. is now $1.70.

We think we got the math right; though it does seem a little foolhardy to lower prices to offer more services! We are, you'll gather, a foolhardy lot.

And there's more: we've lowered our prices on many new books as well, so that now we make between $1-2 on each sale, no matter what the book costs or how much we paid for it. We've tested many scenarios and we think this works. No matter what book you order or how we get it to you, we will reliably make between $1-2.

This is not the way most booksellers operate, but as we said, we're foolhardy. We also like the egalitarianism of it. Expensive book? Cheap book? It doesn't matter. To us, every book has more or less the same value. They are all cool books!

If you've read this far, thank you. We promise our updates won't typically be this wordy. It's simply been a thrilling month and we wanted to tell you how it went.

We'll make our monthly selection of books for November after Halloween, and send another email out then; but, rest assured, we won't bury you in a deluge of promotional material.

All the same, unsubscribing from this newsletter is easy (click the "unsubscribe" link below). Alternatively, if you'd like more frequent contact, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. We'll be posting pics of cool books and announce occasional flash sales on those platforms.

Thank you, again, for your support. It has meant a lot to us.

Yours truly,

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